Metallic Evolution

As the name implies, this small progressive company near Guelph, Ontario, is part of the changing face of metal art. Based on the philosophy of minimalism, the work has a distinctive style, featuring clean lines, and, in the case of the indoor designs, a consistant ground metal finish.

Founders John and Heather Zondervan come from a diverse design background, from custom wood furniture to costuming. Strongly influenced by the Bauhaus and Deco design movements, this husband and wife team first began translating their ideas into steel in 1991, and since then have developed a broad range of metal products for the home and garden. More recently they have begun introducing elements of glass and wood into their work.

Both artisans are completely involved in all aspects of the design and fabricating process. All the work is done by hand, ensuring individual attention to each piece as well as making each item unique.

Metallic Evolution is dedicated to the pursuit of beauty in function, and to creating metal objects that will enhance daily life.

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