Saulson, Michele - Jewelry

Hello! My name is Michele Saulson. If you are reading this, I’m sure you could have guessed that already by the name of my page, but I wanted to properly introduce myself. I would also like to let you get to know me a little more, too.

Some of my clearest childhood memories are the clinking of Silver bangle bracelets, my great aunt’s Turquoise Cabuchon ring, the boxes of jewelry my grandmother would bring out to play with, and the first gifts of jewelry I received as a girl. These memories became the foundation for a lifelong passion – I call it an obsession – for jewelry.

With degrees in Interior Design and Historic Preservation, I combine my love of color with vintage elements and unique finds to create pieces that have become coveted by many.

As a lifelong crafter, I have always made gifts for friends and family and was merely pursuing a hobby when those close to me began requesting custom pieces. This organically grew within a few short months and a following was established that continues to seek out new designs. Soon after, stores began requesting to carry my work, articles were written and a business was formed.

I truly love designing and handcrafting special pieces that I know are going to bring happiness to the wearer. Each piece has a story behind it and most are one of a kind.

My designs combine precious and semi-precious stones, Sterling Silver and interesting ethnic objects as well as the vintage finds. The pieces are all handcrafted in Michigan.

I’m so thankful for every client, every purchase and thrilled that my children have seen their mom grow a business from something I am passionate about… plus they get lots of jewelry out of the deal!

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