Great Falls Metalworks - Jewelry

In 1968, a young artist and her machinest husband began creating jewelry in their home. The couple's passion for graceful design and beautiful materials created Great Falls Metalworks, one of the few remaining U.S. based jewelry design and production studios. Today, 43 years after their first design, Great Falls continues its American artisan traditions.

Great Falls crafts both fine and fashion jewelry using unusual, high-quality stones and metals. Every piece is custom made to order at Great Falls' ivy-covered 20th century former silk mill in Paterson, N.J.

Great Falls jewelry is made of 100% certified recycled precious metals. It features unusual stones sourced from fair trade mines around the world and cut at the company's own lapidary. Each stone is chosen, cut and set by hand to highlight its natural beauty.

Since the 1970's, Great Falls has been a leader in environmentally friendly jewelry making. Founders Jan Palombo and Michael Brothers were early followers of a small movement of European jewelers practicing what is now known as green manufacturing. Uniquely, Great Falls uses labor intensive manufacturing in place of chemicals and recycles all raw materials.

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