Maple Leather Bags - Sy Mondshein and Lisa Martin

Sy Mondshein and Lisa have been making great bags and selling them in art fairs and craft  boutiques around the country for many years.  They started working in leather and have moved into tapestry and nylon bags which are very light-weight. You might already know them and love them.  (We hear that from lots of customers.) Their designs are intelligent and stylish… and they last for years.  Their craftsmenship is just outstanding.  Bags are made using resilient fabrics:  art-inspired colorful tapestry fabrics are wear- and sun-resistant nylon blends, reinforced with ballistic nylon, and adjustable straps on all of their bags.  Larger bags have 1" wide comfortable straps, LOTS of pockets, and smart details like key fobs inside.  All of these great qualities explain why they call them "GREAT BAGS"!

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