Wanna Buy a Watch?

Wanna Buy a Watch? Artist: Deb Brilla, Ardmore, PA

Intriguing jewelry made from a variety of sources, including old die stampings, text, semi-precious stones, old glass, crystals, brass, bronze, sterling and specially made parts... and watch parts!

 Each piece is carefully designed to be unique and is created with a high level of craftsmanship.  Deb’s inspiration in her work comes from her grandfather, her greatest influence.  In her own words: 

"He wove the most beautiful carpets: teal, cayenne, and cornflower blue. Peony pink, straw, and amber. Black, white, and celadon. Remnants from a defunct dress factory. Diamonds from coal, rubies from rust.  He did it because he loved it. He did it just because he said he could. I learned a lot about desire and passion from him.

"He drove a fruit and vegetable truck, the fecund cornucopia, the sweetest magic of this earth. I see it now as I saw it then—the relationships between choke cherries and hen eggs, baby plums and Swiss chard, crab apples and red leaf. Poetry. Bliss. Sustenance. He knew. And this was the art of his life.

"Jewelry is the same for me. I must do it. When my grandfather heard the words ‘Nice, real nice’ he would just smile a secret smile. And now I smile the same smile when you adorn yourself with my jewelry.”

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