B&R Jewelers

Robert and Teresa Nilsson, along with their daughter Katrina, live and work in Sebastian, Florida.

Robert and Teresa have both been designing and creating their unique and distinctive designs for 25 years now, and their daughter has recently begun to learn the family business.  All of their jewelry is made in their Florida shop or in the shop of their custom-built motor home.

Robert graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1985 and further studied at several well-known art schools, including Penland School of Art, Peters Valley Craft Center, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts.  Originally from Sweden, Robert’s simple, clean designs and style are futher influenced by his Scandinavian heritage.  Teresa’s jewelry is strongly influenced by the distinctive flowing lines of Kris Bell’s designs, formerly of Figg jewelry.  Although production machinery such as hand presses and custom-made dies are employed for some pieces, all the pieces require considerable hand work, and almost all designs are fabricated with no cast components.

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