• how not to lose earrings!
  • 16 mask colors to choose from!

The Coolest Mask


Stay safe!   Stay chic!  Stay happy!   These are the coolest, and and the smartest masks too…3 layers of silk & cotton - all feather light!  This is the best combination of fabrics recommended by researchers at the U of Chicago. I use designer & vintage fabrics, super fine cottons and silk from a great fabric collection started by my mom!  LIberty of London, Lilly Pulitzer, and Key West fabrics show up as do some gorgeous shirting from my husband's fancy shirts!   Sheer silks from China and India.  CHOOSE COLORS BY NUMBER on the chart below.   1-8 are in the first column, 9-16 in the second. 

Beautiful, these masks are super functional, breathable and comfortable.  A soft wire sewn in secures mask over the bridge of the nose, and keeps glasses from fogging up!  Ear loops are cut from ultra soft nylon jersey, and the ribbon leash is handy to keep mask around your neck when not worn. Ribbon may be used instead of ear loops! 

It is recommended to handle masks only by the straps.  Hand or delicate wash after use.

colors shown (ask us to see more!)

1  Peacock copper, teal  

2  Animal print black

3  Animal soft black beige

4  Animal indigo blue/black

5 Shirt gingham

6  Red/green plaid

7  Red bandana

8  Little American flag

(2nd ROW)

9  Silky jewel colors

10  Floral on white

11  Pink diamond

12  Pink grid

13  Key West  pink  (also comes in Gold, just ask!)

14  Key West pink flip (paler)

15  Bright preppy plaid

16  Lilly Pulitzer yellow


Artist: Bawden, Carol - Fiber

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