Softy Toy - Owl


This eco-friendly Softy Owl stuffed animal is made from 100% USA polar fleece that is made from recycled plastic water bottles, yet is very soft to the touch. Standing around 18” tall, Softy Owl is perfect for kids of all ages and is easy to care for, hand washed or machine washed in warm water. Also makes the perfect gift for boys or girls!

Our owl is not only soft but “magical” as well. Give a gift that will inspire your children to learn. Owls are great symbols of learning. Even Harry Potter had one as a pet for his magical training! Since it's not recommended to give a live owl to any person, why not give one of our eco-friendly owls instead?

Since our fleece toys and animals are made from eco-friendly materials they are not only cool but help save the planet as well!

This one of kind “magical” Softy Owl can range from 16” to 22” from the bottom of its talons to the top of its ears. Made in Canada.  Perfect for infants and up.

style number st-owl

Artist: Cate & Levi

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