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The Pandemic and The Painted Bird

Posted by Carol Bawden on Mar 21 , 2020 - 12:38 pm

We think it is time to close The Painted Bird to the public for the weeks ahead.

What is non-essential can be set aside, but what is essential can be still be DONE!
The essential that we provide is help in celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other expressions of love. We have brought beautiful handmade gifts to so many, and will keep on doing just that. Now we must do it very carefully!

So… Here’s how to shop virtually at The Painted Bird.
First there is the website. Explore where lots but not all of our artists’ pieces are pictured, priced and can be searched on or ordered online.
Or call us at 231-271-3050 or (text me at 231-920-5828) and tell us what you are looking for. We can shop for you, and send you pictures of your choices. We stay well-stocked year ‘round so there are lots of choices.

Generally from 12 to 5 daily someone will be in the shop.
I will be here quite a bit since my loom is in the shop, and it is my weaving studio.
Judy too will be at the shop, or working from home if I am there, so we are both safe. She is putting more of our goodies on the website during this quiet time.
It is important to keep brightening others’ lives. I hope for all creative people that this may be a fertile and rewarding time.
Take care of yourself and yours!

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