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New Painted Bird Website Launched

Posted by Carol Bawden on Jan 03 , 2014 - 02:26 pm

You know why I'm so excited about the new year?

Well, in 2014 The Painted Bird soars to new heights as we launch our NEW WEBSITE! Our poor old website has had NO attention since 1999! (NO kidding). Now you can shop it, wherever you may be, whenever you like! You will see so many great favorites from the store. If there is something special you want to see, let us know and we will email you an image and info on just what you are looking for.

I am excited to reach out via the web to our fans far away. Now you can all see our fine collection of affordable American crafts in our Suttons Bay gallery. The Painted Bird takes flight in 2014 so you don't have to make the drive!

1987 to 2014, - not exactly an anniversary, since round number years are usually celebrated , like 5, 10, 25, and so on.
I like anniversaries that are cool in other ways. Take 27... What a great number! It is 3 to the 3rd power...
3X3X3 Let's celebrate!

Do come and see us soon!

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