• Petoskey and Leland Blue Stones

Petoskey and Leland Blue Bracelet - Silver Wire


The beauty of the stones is enhanced by this simple sterling silver heavy gauge wire setting.  A very thin channel is carved into the stone around the perimeter, then wrapped  in a wire “frame” which protects and displays it so beautifully.  Jackleen and Pat Carmack, from Beulah, MI are the skilled artists who created this one of a kind bracelet..  No two stones are ever the same, so each bracelet is unique.

NOTE:  Since stones vary so greatly, we recommend that you contact us to send you pictures of available bracelets.  We can also work with you in special ordering a bracelet.  You may specify the length that is the best for you (or its recipient!) 

Leland Blue Stone is a beautiful by-product of the old Leland Ironworks which operated from the late 1880s through about 1918 in Leland, MI.  Its range of color is gorgeously varied - from purplish indigo to sky blue, turquoise and olive green.

Style number b670

Artist: Jackleens Jems - Jackie and Pat Carmack

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