• Leland Blue and Petoskey Stone Link Bracelet

Link Bracelet in Leland Blue and Petoskey Stones


Kevin Gauthier of Traverse City, MI makes the most of the natural beauty of Petoskey stones.  He has been collecting, polishing, cutting and making gorgeous jewelry out of Michigan stones since he was a boy. 
Leland Blue and Petoskey stones in sterling silver cabochon settings make a beautiful link bracelet. Every stone is unique, and so is every bracelet.  NOTE:  Since stones vary so greatly, we recommend that you contact us to send you pictures of available bracelets.Kevin likes to vary his work, using different sizes and shapes.  We can also work with him in special ordering a bracelet.  You should specify the length that is the best for you (or its recipient!)

style number kgbpb1

Petoskey stones were a living coral colony millions of years ago, when Michigan was deep under a salt water sea, now a beautifully patterned fossil stone, treasure we hunt on the beach. Leland Blue Stone is a beautiful by-product of the old Leland Ironworks which operated from the late 1880s through about 1918 in Leland, MI.  Its range of color is gorgeously varied - from purplish indigo to sky blue, turquoise and olive green.

Artist: Gauthier, Kevin - Michigan Stone Jewelry

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