• <h2>So much beautiful jewelry!</h2>

    So much beautiful jewelry!

  • <h2>Many great local artists</h2>

    Many great local artists

  • <h3>Well crafted designs for the home</h3>

<h2> </h2>

    Well crafted designs for the home


  • <h2>Colorful, handmade accessories</h2>

    Colorful, handmade accessories

  • <h3>Beaded & braided, bright and beautiful</h3>

    Beaded & braided, bright and beautiful

  • <h3>How entertaining!</h3>

    How entertaining!

Welcome to The Painted Bird, a gallery of contemporary American crafts in Suttons Bay, Michigan. As our longtime fans know, it is a seriously fun place to shop!  Since 1987, we sell original crafts created by more than 150 American artists and designers. Handmade jewelry, accessories for the home, the body, and soul... and creative gifts for all. The collection is fun to explore.  Browse by the type of crafts , or by the artists you like.  The artists keep it interesting.  We are always finding fresh and innovative artists, who create new and wonderful pieces to delight us.  Enduring American designs, that people love…

Have fun exploring the gallery and stay tuned as we add to the ever-growing collection!